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What drives our organisation?

For those who have been involved with Autism, either personally or during their professional career, the Autism Association of Western Australia is a well-known and trusted name.

The Autism Association of Western Australia

Established in 1967, we’re the largest specialist lifespan organisation in Australia providing services to people with Autism.  The programs we develop are best-practice and based on leading international peer-reviewed research in the field of Autism.

Additionally, we maintain well established links both nationally and internationally, ensuring we stay up-to-date with advances in this ever-evolving field of research and practical experience.

Annual Report 2016

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Our Mission

To advance the personal development, equality of opportunity and community participation of people with Autism. 

Our Vision

What we work to achieve:

  • All children with Autism have a great start in life
  • All children with Autism receive the education they need
  • All adults with Autism receive the support they need to lead an ordinary life
  • A community where people with Autism are understood, accepted and celebrated.

Our Values

Passion to make the greatest difference
Respect for the uniqueness of each person
Commitment to treat individuals and families as we ourselves would like to be treated
Excellence in all that we undertake
Innovation to fulfil dreams and aspirations
Courage to strenuously advocate for people with Autism and their families.

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