Autism and Mental Health Resource

Approximately a quarter of the general population will experience a mental health condition at some point in their lives. For Autistic people, this number is much higher.

Research shows that people on the Autism Spectrum are at increased risk of developing a broad range of mental health conditions. It is estimated that up to 80% of Autistic people experience a mental health condition, and that up to 40% may experience 2 or more mental health conditions. Anxiety and Depression are particularly common. These findings emphasise the need for mental health services to be responsive to the unique needs of Autistic people presenting for assistance in relation to mental health concerns. 

It may be additionally difficult for a person with Autism to identify and communicate about their mental health problems to others, and to access treatment. Improving knowledge and understanding around Autism and mental health, and a commitment to providing support and care to Autistic people can make a very powerful difference.

This online resource has been developed as part of the work of a Systemic Advocacy Project funded by the Department of Communities (WA), by Clinical Psychiatrist, Dr Kelly McKenna-Kerr.

This resource aims to promote awareness of the experience of mental health conditions in Autism, as well as provide a unified access point to a collection of relevant expert guidance and resources. In addition to this, new resources have been developed to support clinicians as well as Autistic individuals, in the form of clinical passports and communication supports.

This site uses both person first language (“person with Autism” or “person on the Autism Spectrum”), and identity first language (“Autistic person”) in recognition of the different preferences around language in the Autism community. You can read more about the choice of language here.


We have developed and collated a range of resources for mental health professionals, Autistic individuals, and carers. Use the navigation bar below to explore and download these resources.

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