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Do you need specialist advice? We're here for you!

The Autism Association of Western Australia offers a range of services to people with Autism and their families throughout Western Australia. If you are looking for support or specialist advice, our Autism Advisor Team are here to help!

Specialist Advice and Support

Last year, over 7,500 people contacted us for support. Many people seek advice or information on the early signs of Autism and support available, others simply wanted to talk through their concerns. All calls are one-on-one and completely confidential. Our team are here to answer your questions and provide support to link you into services and support options. We also frequently run no cost workshops in the community to support families who suspect their child may have Autism.


We can provide information including (but not limited to):

  • Understanding Autism and how to support a person with Autism
  • How to get a diagnosis of Autism
  • What happens once you receive a diagnosis
  • Services and support available
  • Support in school, out in the community or in the workplace
  • Information and support on funding options
  • Questions about the NDIS
  • Workshops and training in the community

Our Autism Advisor team are available to anyone wanting more information on Autism, including:

  • Individuals with Autism
  • Parents and Carers
  • Other family members such as grandparents or siblings
  • Teachers and other school staff
  • General Practitioners and Child Health Nurses
  • Psychologists and other Allied Health professionals

Additional supports we can provide include: 

Your Stories

My Advisor was amazing and had so much patience explaining everything. We had no idea about the funding, where it came from, how to get it, or how it was to be used. She explained everything so that we could understand exactly what steps needed to be taken from that point on. After the stress of the diagnosis, it was nice to deal with someone so knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.

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Parent Feedback

My Advisor was so kind and really empathetic. It’s was a subject I knew nothing about so her clear explanations and kindness made a huge difference to my process. It really demystified everything and helped me to feel confident about our next steps.

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Parent Feedback
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