Accelerating Autism Knowledge and Capacity for Educators

The Autism Early Childhood Champions Project supported over 150 early childhood education and care services with training and support to break down barriers to inclusion and create positive outcomes for children with Autism in early childhood settings. 

While the project has concluded, families and early childhood education and care professionals can now access a range of resources created for the project. This project was developed in partnership with the WA Inclusion Agency and was funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.  


Looking for an Early Learning Education and Care Centre? 

There are a number of factors that can impact finding a suitable service for your child. The below list of questions may help you when choosing an Early Childhood Service for your child and guide your initial discussion with services: 

  • Do the Educators have an understanding of Autism and experience in implementing Autism specific strategies?
  • Are there children with Autism already at the service?
  • Are Educators keen to welcome your child?
  • Are orientation days available prior to commencing with the service?
  • How will Educators prepare for your child’s first day, and how will they work with you to understand your child’s specific needs?
  • Does the service use or are they willing to use visual supports to support your child’s communication?
  • Does the service use Inclusion Support Program funding, or is it willing to apply for this funding to support your child? 

Please note: This list should act as a guide only and not a direct recommendation. 

See below for a list of services that completed training as part of the Autism Early Childhood Champions Project! 


Your Stories

For two days, I attended a training session conducted by Autism Western Australia. It was a remarkable, satisfying and memorable experience from the beginning to its end.

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Taylor Glenister, Leap Start Early Learning and Care

My experience with the information and training provided was very positive, providing a bigger understanding and picture of Autism and strategies to support and help people with ASD.

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Keely, Mercy Care Bennet Springs

We have 5 children in our Centre who we believe have ASD. It’s so “relieving” to hear such simple, achievable measures can help.

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Linda, GoodStart Success

The information and support given to our service will be invaluable to take back and teach our educators how to better meet the needs of our Autistic children and will definitely allow us as a service to improve the quality of life not just for our Autistic children but all children in the service.

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Deanna, GoodStart Warnbro

This project has been a huge eye opener for me. I am so excited to spread the word and help Educators, families and children become more Autism Aware. I am confident now in my knowledge and supporting families through various processes.

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Rachel Buck, 2IC GoodStart Girrawheen

20 years in the sector and this is by far the best, most useful training I have ever attended. The benefits to my day to day, and how approach inclusion are huge.

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Lauren, Hull Park

Wow, what a learning experience. So much to take in and implement. It has made me open my eyes to true inclusion and what I can do to make our environment a better place for all.

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Gemma Evans, St Simon Peter ELC

The Autism Champion project has genuinely saved our team from burn out and break down. We now have happy, settled children and educators.

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KidsHQ Jacaranda

I have gained so much practical knowledge through these training days and the consultations within the service. We are able to use the strategies for the children and families and provide more inclusive support for the community of learners. The educational materials provided give a great insight on how autism affects people at different ages and how we can give children the best possible start.

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Supriya Coehlo, Sliverwood CCC

Find out more!

For more information on these resources, please contact the Inclusion Support team at the Autism Association of Western Australia at champions@autism.org.au. 

For more information and support, educators and early childhood education and care services can reach out to the WA Inclusion Agency directly via their website to ensure all children in are authentically included in their service. 

During the duration of the Autism Champions Project, the services listed below completed Autism Early Childhood Champions training:

REED Brookton
REED Bruce Rock
REED Corrigin
REED Corrigin
REED Cunderdin
REED Dalwallinu
REED Darkan
REED Dowerin
REED Hyden
REED Merredin
REED Muckinbudin
REED Narambeen
REED Wundowie
Toodyay Early Learning Centre
Wongan Cubbyhouse
York Child Care Centre 

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