Your Feedback is Important to Us

Constructive feedback allows us to resolve any issues you may have and gives us an opportunity to improve the services that you receive. It is usually best to communicate feedback directly with the person concerned, however, we understand that this may not always be possible.

You are encouraged to use the feedback form on this page to let us know if you have any particular compliments or concerns about the services you receive. The Project Officer of Policy, Planning & Development will contact you to respond to your feedback.

For further information on our feedback and complaints procedure, please refer to our Feedback Booklet.

This information can be translated to different languages or produced in different formats upon request. We can also help you to arrange an interpreter if that will help you.

This booklet is also available in the following languages: 

This booklet is also available in an Easy English format – click here to download. 

You can get help from an advocate to make a complaint or provide feedback to us. Click here for more information. 


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