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Endorsed Clubs are committed to:

Participation in Autism inclusion training

For relevant committee members, coaches, team managers and blast coordinators. This will involve:

  • 1 x face-to-face training session involving 30 minutes of training and a review/orientation of online resources and training materials.
  • Online training program videos that you can access any time.


Promotion of the program and status as an Endorsed Club across the clubs networks and engagement channels

  • Actively promote the Autism in Cricket Endorsement via club communication channels including social media, website and newsletters.
  • Use of the club’s social media channels to share curated messages around the Autism in Cricket Program. These will be supplied by the Autism Association.
  • Provide links to the Autism in Cricket website through the club’s digital channels including social media and website.


Demonstrated integration of inclusion resources and strategies into club practices

This may include:

  • Following the simple process of checking your club’s registrations for participants with Autism and starting conversations with those families and within your club to plan for successful inclusion of those players.
  • Use of whiteboards, visual supports, adapted equipment etc.
  • The club proactively works in collaboration with Autism in Cricket Team to create strategies that aid integration into activities.
  • The Autism in Cricket Program and practices are embraced across the whole club.


The appointment of inclusion mentors

The club will attempt to identify members who can be trained as mentors to support new members with Autism. The mentors will receive training and support from the Autism Association.


The benefits of becoming an endorsed club:

  • Free specialist training on Autism and inclusion in the club.
  • Individuals will be linked in with your club to register and supported to get started.
  • Support from the Autism in Cricket Team during training sessions and games to model and guide inclusive strategies.
  • Marketing and promotion of your club and sharing of stories and achievements through the Autism Association’s networks.
  • Invites to be included in Autism in Cricket events, opportunities and competitions.
  • Access to individualised resources developed to meet specific needs of members at your club.
  • Assistance from the Autism Association and the WACA to identify and establish volunteer options for people with Autism within the club; such as scoring and equipment manager.
  • Ongoing assistance and support from the Autism Association and the WACA.
  • Personal support from the Autism in Cricket Team for members of your club with Autism, when required.
  • The opportunity to come along to the Autism in Cricket Come and Try Day.

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