A book to look out for


Temple Grandin: the stories I tell my friends

By Anita Lesko
Publication: 2 April 2018 by Future Horizons

Described as the most famous person with Autism in the world, Dr Temple Grandin is certainly well known in our world of Autism.  You may have read her books and seen TV documentaries about her work in the meat and cattle industry, which is acclaimed world-wide. You may have seen the 2010 HBO movie—Temple Grandin, with Claire Danes as Temple. You may even have been fortunate to attend one of her rare speaking sessions in Australia, a number of years ago.

 Although Temple Grandin was unable to speak until she was three and a half years old she went on to became a professor of Animal Science at the Colorado State University, along with a successful career consulting on both livestock handling equipment design and animal welfare. In addition, she became a prominent author and speaker on both Autism and animal behaviour.

Temple’s close friend and author, Anita Lesko, conducts personal interviews resulting in chapters covering diverse aspects of her subject’s life— childhood memories, ‘crazy funny stuff’, thrilling events in Temple’s life, working hard to succeed, Temple’s Big Message and so much more. We are even granted a glimpse into her 70th birthday party. We share moments that made her laugh and those that made her cry.

Anita Lesko has created a truly unique, personal look into the life and mind of Temple Grandin. Whether you are already familiar with Temple Grandin’s work or a newcomer, this is a book not to be missed. It is expected to be readily available in paperback and e-book following publication 2 April 2018.

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