A Chance Meeting Pays Off

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Back Row L-R – Brian, Ben and Steven Front Row L-R – Elise and Michael

In life you never know who is going to cross your path and this certainly was the case for Steven and Brian who attended the Dad’s Joondalup MyTime group for the first time on the same day recently. What happened next couldn’t have been predicted by anyone.

Steven attended the group with his step son Michael and spotted Brian who was by himself and the two of them connected right away. What started as a general get to know each other conversation quickly led to Steven offering Brian help to pick up his Christmas Tree later that same day!

What makes this new friendship more special is that Brian and his daughter Elise both have Autism. Brian has achieved remarkable things in his 50+ years including a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Master of Education and PhD.

Without having known Brian’s education background, Steven happened to mention that his stepson Michael was struggling at school with Maths. Brian’s eyes lit up upon hearing this and quickly offered to tutor Michael as that is what he does for a living.

Ben Jones (Parent Support Facilitator – Early Learning) had the following to say “When these kind of things happen it gives you goose bumps! Steven and Brian are both very valuable assets to the Dad support area for different reasons. Steven is a positive and inspiring role model to his  stepchildren while Brian can offer a unique insight to not only living with Autism but to inspire through his major accomplishments”.

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