A Strike for Hayden at the Special Olympics

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Bowling Thunder and Lightning Strikes! 

Hayden is an avid sports player and has been competing in a range of sports across Australia and America since high school. From basketball to shot put, there aren’t many sports that Hayden hasn’t had a go at! 

One of Hayden’s favourite sports to play and compete in is tenpin bowling. He decided to give bowling a go for some fun and loved it! He then started playing in leagues across America and Australia.  

He has competed in a range of competitions across the world that have earned him more trophies than we can count! His team recently made history as the first ever team to win the bowling championships for Edith Cowan University at the National UniGames. 

 “My favourite thing about bowling is going to compete against everyone from all the other states and really challenging myself” – Hayden 

2022 Special Olympics Australia 

Hayden started competing in the Special Olympics in high school, playing for the volleyball and basketball teams in America. After moving to Australia in 2018, he decided to take his bowling skills to the next level and joined Team Western Australia in tenpin bowling. 

This October was his first time going to the National Special Olympics in Australia. Taking place in Tasmania, Hayden had the chance to compete in the singles, doubles and team bowling events. His best game was on the final day of the games, where he scored a 197 scratch in the teams’ event, 67 pins over his average!  

To close off the games, Hayden led Team Western Australia at the Special Olympics Closing Ceremony which was live-streamed on Facebook. You can watch the video below to see Hayden and his teammates walking the stadium. 

We would like to extend a big congratulations to Hayden on this incredible achievement. We can’t wait to see more of his sporting career, bowling and beyond!  

Next up, you can catch him smashing pins at the National Tenpin Bowling Disability Championship in June 2023.

Check out the video and photos below to see Hayden who had the honour of leading the WA team at the Closing Ceremony! 


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