Alex’s Cricket Journey to the WA A Grade ICL Cricket Team

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From attending a Come and Try Session to joining the WA A Grade ICL Cricket Team 

Alex started playing cricket at our Autism in Cricket Come Try Session 4 seasons ago, when he was 12 years old. At the time Alex didn’t know much about cricket and was just learning how to play the game, but he had a great time at the session and went on to register with Bateman Junior Cricket Club. He started training and playing with his teammates and continued to attend the Come and Try sessions every year, helping him gain confidence in the game and his skills.  

Alex, who is now 16 years old, recently attended the Integrated Cricket League (ICL) Gala Day at Murdoch Playing Field. He has started training in the WA ICL A Grade for North Perth and hopes to be selected to play on the team next season.  

His journey is a great example of the pathway players can take through the Autism in Cricket program and WA Cricket. Alex is now on the way into A Grade which will have him on track for his next goal, to play for the Intellectual Disability State Cricket Team, perhaps even one day representing his country in the National Team. 

Throughout his cricket journey, Alex has made many friends in his teammates – he loves playing with them and cheering them on in their accomplishments. He also loves teaching young cricket players about the game and often helps out with the Star Blasters squads while waiting for his team training. 

He has received some amazing opportunities including attending the Australia versus West Indies Test Match at Optus Stadium and hanging out with Adam Gilchrist at the Champions of Cricket Launch at Bateman Junior Cricket Club. 

Alex is so thankful for his supportive family and the coaches that have supported an inclusive environment for him to grow in cricket. Their support and encouragement have given him the determination to work towards his goal to play for Australia!  

“I want others to understand that just because you have a disability or Autism, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on playing a sport you like. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, because anyone can do anything if they really want it.” – Alex 

His mum, Sharlene, is so proud of Alex and all he has accomplished, from his first Come and Try day, to now. On the Autism in Cricket program, Sharlene said “It’s such a great program, once families know about it and get involved, they can see such amazing changes to their kids’ lives!” 

Congratulations Alex, you are an inspiration to so many young cricketers and we can’t wait to see you playing cricket for Australia one day soon!  

Check out some of the highlights from Alex’s journey below.  

If you are thinking about getting involved in cricket, reach out to our Autism in Cricket team, who can support you in linking up with your local club. 

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