Antony Puts His Organisational Skills to Work!

Antony K_Amber Sims

Food, art, culture, fashion, socialising and his new job at the Department of Education – these are just some of the things Antony loves! 

Antony is a Records Officer. Records Officers carry out tasks like scanning and indexing files and processing records which requires good organisational skills – so it is a perfect role for Antony who has a sharp attention to detail! 

Antony was one of the many people who had a disruption to his career due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He had been working in administration and was made redundant during the initial outbreak in 2020. However, they say everything happens for a reason and this challenge led Antony to his next career opportunity, opportunity, working as a Records Officer for the Department of Education! 

In the lead up to starting in his role, our AIM Employment Team worked with the Department of Education to help their team understand Autism. They are dedicated to continuing to make their workplace more inclusive and are collaborating with individuals and community organisations to make that happen. 

Amber Sims, Employment Consultant from AIM said, “Antony has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is highly motivated to work and is always striving to better himself and grow as a person. It’s been so wonderful seeing Antony flourish in this role, and the overall impact it has had on his life and future ambitions. We are so grateful to the team at the Department of Education for giving Antony this opportunity and creating such a supportive and inclusive workplace.” 

Nicole Hanna, Workforce Policy and Coordination at the Department of Education spoke of the success of Antony’s placement in the role and said; “The Department is dedicated to recognising and celebrating people’s differences and strengths, and the value they bring to the workplace.”  

We are so pleased to see Antony thriving in his new role and wish him all the best in his career! 

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