Autism and Employment; Boosting Job Prospects


Our AIM Employment team has been securing jobs to meet the interests and needs of people with Autism for many years.  Currently we have over 300 people employed in jobs across Western Australia. Jobs range from administrative to gardening to Information Technology to Hospitality… the list is endless. All job seekers are matched to jobs in their area of strength and passion. 

For the last 10 years, our AIM employment program has won a number of awards for being the leading specialist employment provider nationally for people with Autism. Not only securing employment— our team provide employment support, the team also run a number of Job Clubs across Perth, preparing new job seekers for future employment.

The Job Clubs address the skills required by anyone—with or without Autism— who is seeking employment, with a focus on areas where people with Autism are most likely to need some help. Staff guide participants to:

  • Explore their strengths and interests with a view to applying these in their future career
  • Develop practical work skills, including managing emotions in the work place, professional communication and resume writing skills.
  • Practise conversation skills and interact socially
  • Participate in work site observations and to liaise with potential employers

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