Autism and Sport—what every coach needs to know


Following an online survey inviting sport coaches to tell us of their experiences with people with Autism we realised that help—by way of information about Autism—was urgently needed.

The value of sporting activity for people with Autism should not be underestimated. Apart from the well documented benefits of physical activity for all of us, for those with Autism the positive, physical engagement with others can be life changing. Participation builds confidence and self-esteem. Motor skills, not always strong in people with Autism, may be developed through physical activity; and extensive research shows how physical activity can alleviate stress and anxiety—so often experienced with Autism.

Following close scrutiny of the survey results, we believe that every point raised by the sports coaches has been addressed in the small booklet Autism and Sport: what very coach needs to know which is now available ($15) from our online shop.

Sport coaches are changing lives. With the wide ranging sporting activity now available, people with Autism, regardless of age and aptitude, can be active participants—learning, participating and having fun.

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