Celebrating their work achievements!


From the Autism Association’s AIM Employment Services we would like to congratulate Victor and Toni for 10 years of employed service at Brightwater Linen.

Congratulations also to Palini, Simon and Con for their five years at Brightwater.

dsc_0070_cropwebBrightwater Linen provides laundry services to clients throughout Western Australia including hospitals, care facilities, hotels and apartments—a service demanding a standard of excellence. And for more than 12 years Brightwater Linen has known the benefits of employing people with Autism to meet that expectation. With support from AIM Employment, those we are congratulating today perform with great efficiency a variety of roles. Every day they will ensure that each customer’s linen is presented in a consistent way to the highest standard. With their commitment to tasks, their reliability and attention to detail—attributes frequently seen in people with Autism— they are acknowledged as valuable employees.

How they become part of the team

Through the Association’s AIM Employment, people with Autism are helped to find work where they would like to work, according to their interests and skills. Their employment is maintained through ongoing support from AIM. They are also helped to become part of the team of co-workers. For many, being employed is not only about receiving a wage, but being part of a team—being a worker who is out and about in the working world.

dsc_0033_cropwebA win for the worker and a win for the industry

The Autism Association appreciates the help to people with Autism extended by employers such as Brightwater Linen. One industry leader, reflecting on their employees with Autism working in a number of their businesses, viewed it as a win for a worker with Autism and a win for their industry. People with Autism, with support from AIM Employment Services, are showing the working world just what they can do!


Visit the Employment Support page for further information for people with Autism and for people who are considering employing a person with Autism.

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