Celebrating this year’s WA Disability Support Awards

Congratulations DSA Awards

Last month we had the pleasure of celebrating all individual and team nominations, finalists and award winners across a number of categories at this year’s WA Disability Service Awards. 

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our staff that were recognised in this years Disability Support Awards! Thank you to every single one of our team members for your commitment, dedication and passion to supporting people with Autism to live a better quality of life. 

We received nominations across the categories below: 

  • Excellence in Innovation Award
    • Autism in Cricket team 
  • Excellence in Leadership Award
    • Elle Papalia
    • Jennifer Mofflin
  • Excellence in Improving Employment Opportunities Award
    • Elizabeth Del Casale
  • Excellence in Supporting Social Inclusion Award
    • Team Becky Jackson
    • Stephanie Breuer
    • Elizabeth Del Casale
    • Short Breaks for Children
    • Jodie French
  • Excellence in Home and Family Support Award 
    • Stephanie Breuer
    • Cath MacDonald
    • Nicholas Wilson
    • Bournemouth Crescent Team
    • Stephen’s Place Team
    • Short Breaks for Children
    • Team Becky Jackson

An additional congratulations to the Autism in Cricket team for being announced as a join winner of the Excellence in Innovation Award, Jodie French for being named a finalist in Excellence in Supporting Social Inclusion category, Stephen’s Place Team for being named a finalist in the Excellence in Home and Family Support Award, and Team Becky Jackson for being announced as finalists in the Excellence in Home and Family Support Award.

It was wonderful to have so many nominations and it was such a privilege to have three finalists and an overall winner from a number of our services. In so many ways, these Awards are a testament to people with Autism themselves and how they continue to teach us about the things that matter to them.

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