Claire’s Passions Collide


Claire is a talented young artist, who through her artwork shows a deeper perspective and amazing outlook on herself and the world around her. Claire is a photographer, artist, and a recent year 12 graduate who also accesses services with us. This year, Claire completed a self-portrait that shows how the places that meant the most to her, have defined who she is as a person which was on display at the Art Gallery of WA!


Towards the end of last year, Claire was 1 of 30 WA year 12 visual arts students who was selected to display her art in the Pulse Perspectives art exhibition at the Art Gallery of WA. The exhibition celebrates talented WA artists by displaying their artwork to showcase the way young people will influence and shape the world we live in. The collection displayed in the gallery ranged from prominent themes of human impact on the environment, identity, and family and showed many forms of artistic expression.


In Claire’s artwork, you will notice how much detail and care went into her piece. If you view her art from afar you will see it is a self-portrait but taking a closer look at the layers of the portrait you will be immersed in the details of the Perth City and forest she has included to show her sense of place and identity. You can even see her beloved pet exploring by her side.


“I have used my own photographs to show the places where I feel my true self, where together they create a more personal approach to my artwork. The city represents my home, and the forest symbolizes my desire to explore. I decided to use a double exposure effect as it shows all the concepts that are personal to me and looks as if it were a “memory” and an integral part of who I am.”


To celebrate this huge achievement, Claire and her closest friends and supporters including her family, best friends, teachers, Autism Association team member, and EAs from Primary and High school; came together to see her beautiful artwork on display and acknowledge her incredible achievements over the past few years.


Claire’s two passions have collided – pets and photography. After finishing school, she is now a photographer and takes photos of our furry friends and loveable family members. Check out her work at Our Journey in Photos on Instagram.


Congratulations to Claire for accomplishing having her artwork displayed at the Art Gallery. We can’t to follow her journey and watch her achieve her future goals as a young artist and to see the many more incredible photos you take, capturing magical moments throughout Perth.


We’re sharing this story during World Autism Week which is all about celebrating diversity, learning together, spreading awareness and igniting change for Autism. More resources and information about World Autism Week can be found here.

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