Continuing Relationship Between Western Australia and East Java


Under the East Java – Western Australia Sister State agreement, key staff from the Autism Association have travelled to Surabaya to deliver: a four-day advanced communication masterclass to previous interns; one-day parent workshop; one-day teacher workshop; and Joan McKenna Kerr, Chief Executive Officer will deliver a keynote speech at an international Autism conference with 600 delegates.

In 2013, we welcomed a group of clinical and teaching staff from East Java, Indonesia to undergo a period of intensive training at the Autism Association with our specialist staff. During their time here, they learned to develop intervention and educational programs for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities, including children with intellectual disability and developmental delay. Their training assisted in the early identification of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and they took their new knowledge and skills back to their home towns. 

The workshops, masterclass and keynote presentations to be delivered in East Java by Autism Association staff this week, will further advance their knowledge and skills; and empower parents, teachers and the communities around them to better support children with Autism and their families.

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