Creating Awareness in a Miniature World


Like looking into another world, you could stare at it for hours! David and May have been making miniature scenes for 5 years now. Their love for all things craft led them to make miniature displays that include replications of Squeakington Manor from Enid Blyton’s books, replicas of old English pubs, and ShowWest fairgrounds. At the couple’s retirement village, they have been asked by many of the residents to come and see their collection. The couple agreed to showcase their collection for the residents of their retirement village while fundraising for Autism Awareness Month.



May who initially started the hobby said, “I decided to put them on display in one of our communal spaces and ask for a gold coin donation towards a charity of my choice, so that the event was of benefit to someone. In July of 1979 I received a phone call from a lovely lady from the Autism Association, asking if I would donate to this association. I was thoroughly impressed by her manner…

I remained impressed, because the same lady rang me every July and December, without fail, for about 30 years. She was always aware, and appreciative of our help in prior years.”

An estimated 50 residents from the retirement village came to admire David and Mays creations. Each display demonstrating how much attention to detail went into each piece. Tree Trunks made from tinfoil to kitchen towels made from masking tape and then painted to replicate a real-life object, you could stare at each piece for hours wondering, ‘how did they make that?’ The couples love and passion for their craftsmanship is made obvious coming first place at the annual West Australian Miniature Association show held each year.


“If we do this again, we will supply tea, coffee and biscuits at a small profit to add to the fundraising total. The successes to us were that everyone got such joy out of seeing what we’ve made, and that the Autism Association has benefitted in some way from this event.”


The couple’s generosity to use their skills and love for what they do to help support and create acceptance for Autism has made a significant contribution to igniting change in the community we live in. We are thankful to David and May for their kindness over the past 40 years and commitment supporting the Autism Association. By fundraising for the Autism Association, avid donators like David and May help to provide support for people with Autism and their families living in WA.


                                                                                                                       Photo Credit: May Lanchbury 

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