Creating Inclusive Communities

The Community Inclusion Program is part of the ‘A Western Australia for Everyone’: State Disability Strategy 2020-2030 and is made possible by the Department of Communities.  

The State Disability Strategy has been created to protect, uphold and advance the rights of people with disability living in Western Australia. It has been designed by and for people with disability to echo the voices, experiences and choices of individuals to empower participation in all aspects of the community. By working with all services, systems and environments to create more opportunities and make life better for people with disability, this strategy sets the foundation for building a more inclusive WA. 

We are looking forward to continuing our work with the Department of Communities over the next couple of years and beyond to create a Western Australia for Everyone and are pleased to be able to share our new Community Inclusion webpage with you!

The Community Inclusion Program

Our Community Inclusion program has been developed to ensure all people with Autism are able to participate in recreational, leisure, and community events. We work with families and individuals with Autism to support them out in the community by providing information about accessible programs, facilitating special sensory events and providing resources to prepare for visiting community events and organisations. 

We also work with various venues, organisations and businesses to create inclusive environments for all individuals to enjoy. This is achieved through providing their staff with Autism specific training and support in making appropriate accommodations to facilitate inclusion and participation in their programs and facilities. We also provide ongoing support and consultation to a range of businesses and oragnisations to increase access and inclusion. 

A big thank you to the following community partners who have worked with us to provide inclusive environments for all! 

You can see more of the organisations and businesses we work with and find out more about our Community Inclusion program on our new webpage here!

We have a range of resources, including social stories and information on accessibility, inclusive venues to visit in the community and testimonials from families and partners who have participated in some of our events. We will be continuing to collaborate with our community partners to bring more resources and information to you.


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