Dreaming of a Christmas Pantomime


For more than 20 years, Ben has been a proud member of the Superfins group, a squad of over 40 friends who train together each week to participate in different swimming events for fitness and fun. The Superfins are not exclusive to swimming however, attending annual camping trips, award night dinner dances and more! For the past 4 years Ben and his group have been involved in Christmas pantomimes and performing on stage. 

Each pantomime is made possible with the support of parents and volunteers in the community, from marketing to music and costumes. The directors and choreographers of the shows are volunteers from WAAPA, making for showstopping performances! 

This past Christmas Ben made his debut on stage!  

Last year, Ben’s goal was to perform in the pantomime with his Superfins’ friends. He overcame challenges and worked hard for months, attending many rehearsals, learning lines and perfecting his part to perform in front of an audience of over 460 people! Ben was smiling from ear to ear as he took his final bow with his family members in the audience and those who have supported him in the crowd cheering him on. 

The Christmas pantomime was an unforgettable experience for Ben, and he can’t wait to take to the stage again. ​​​​​​​Check out some photos of Ben and his friends performing below.

 ​​​​​​​Look out for him in the Superfins’ next pantomime – a show not to be missed! 


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