Early Days Workshops make a difference for Ben and his family!


Ben, a father of two son’s with Autism, writes about his experience attending our Early Days workshops: 

As a Dad I struggled initially with the diagnosis of my two children’s autism. I was really lost, confused and felt labelled already even before letting friends and family know. Quite a few responses were “I am so sorry” which didn’t help matters. My wife and I attended the Early Days workshop hoping to find some answers on what exactly we were in store for. We had no prior experience with Autism and we had to get our heads around it quickly. Luckily for us the Early Days workshop delivered exactly what we were looking for plus so much more. We were given some resources and understanding of what steps to take to make sure our children had the best start in their journey. Now that I facilitate two Dad’s MyTime groups I am lucky to be in a position where I can recommend this workshop to Dad’s that were in my shoes, it’s a must attend workshop! 

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