Early Days Workshops were lifesaving for Peggy and her family


Peggy writes:

“When my son was diagnosed with ASD and GDD at 18 months I had no idea what “Autism” meant, not only the clinical definition but what that word will mean “practically” in my new every day life with my family.

Attending the Early Days workshop was life saving! Somehow the more I learnt about autism the less scared I felt and the more empowered I become to deal with all the surprises my lill cherub threw at me. I started to “understand” his behaviour and therefore not get so upset nor frustrated and I was able to act in a positive way rather than react negatively.

There is no “one” perfect manual to raise a child, leave alone a manual to raise a child who is different in so many ways to what is considered “normal”

As a parent who felt empowered with this knowledge I recommend these short workshops to all parents, the presenters are so approachable and knowledgeable and the content is easy to understand, not very clinical and designed for parents.

 At present my son is 13 years old and I still attend some workshops now and again to remind me of all that knowledge about autism and this provides me with more patience to continue our journey. 

Our children will develop so much over the years, so there come the days when everyday is your new normal and you forget they are autistic so when they start swinging on the chair at dinner time, we tell them off as if they are doing it to annoy us or to defy us (they are not). 

This is the time to remember the workshops, take a deep breath and calmly redirect the behaviour and continue to enjoy the family dinner. At my house the joke is “Please stop swinging the chair, you can do that on Sundays, today is only Wednesday, so please…” we joke everyone is allowed to be “relaxed” on Sunday, ON Sundays I dont get out of my PJs and my boy can swing all he wants in his chair while he eats. 🙂 THANK YOU Early Days Workshops! You are still showing me the way”

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