Emma and Kelsey’s Mandurah Get Away

Mandurah Holiday (13)

Emma and Kelsey are great friends who recently went on a holiday to Mandurah that was jam-packed with many of their favourite things, like visiting penguins, eating out at restaurants, sailing, making pottery and building friendships!

The drive down was filled with anticipation for all the wonderful activities planned over the coming 2 days and of course, no road trip is complete without plenty of music and dancing in the car. Emma and Kelsey spent every possible moment making memories together and Emma who is known for her tea parties, was sure to host many at her villa.

First on the itinerary was a ferry trip to Penguin Island Discovery Centre. Emma led the way on this expedition, even capturing some videos at feeding time. She reminded everyone that the secret to not interrupting the penguins is remaining very quiet… but there were still plenty of smiles along the way!  

The pirate cruise was a chance to try something a little different and make some noise, setting sail around Mandurah’s spectacular inland waterways. The pair marvelled at the surroundings as a few playful bottlenose dolphins stopped by to join in the cruise. As expected on a tour like this, there was a lot of fun, jokes and dressing up as pirates to take plenty of snaps. Emma had everyone on the cruise celebrating with her as she waved her flag while they sailed the open seas.

Holidays mean eating out! Emma and Kelsey love trying new and delicious foods and didn’t hesitate to get dressed up and head out to some local restaurants, a well-deserved time to rest and refuel between outings.

A trip to Amaze Miniature Park was the perfect opportunity for Kelsey to reveal her hidden talent by outshining everybody while playing mini golf. Then, after an exhausting day of golf, there was no better way to unwind than by letting their creativity run free during pottery. Pottery was undoubtedly a highlight of the holiday where Emma and Kelsey demonstrated their ability to spin clay and create some beautiful ceramics together.

The trip ended on a high with a visit to Ranger Reds Zoo and Conservation Park, a must-see destination for Emma and Kelsey to check out some behind the scenes action of the Zoo. They both took advantage of the many gorgeous photo opportunities while visiting the animals and then lent a hand to help during their feeding time.

Emma and Kelsey returned to Perth after their getaway with plenty of memories, incredible stories and new experiences. But no holiday is ever long enough, so we’re sure they are off planning the next one.

We can’t wait to see where they go on their next adventure!

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