Hemi and Rachael’s Goodbye for Now but Not Forever

Hemi pic c

When Hemi had to say goodbye to his key therapist, his mum Kylie wrote these beautiful and heartfelt words about their relationship from the last 5 years:


Today was uncomfortable, emotional but inevitable. It was rough watching a beautiful relationship that I had watched grow, break up. Rachael, Hemi’s therapist has been in our lives for 5 years. In 2015 she was a new graduate with so much passion to make a difference. And that she did. She made sense of the struggles he had, advocated for the right support he needed time and time again, and understood him. She was there for the hard stuff and many happy moments in his life too.

I don’t think she realises the magnitude of how much she means to us, especially Hemi. His world was so different back then to the young man you see today. I listened to the two of them reminisce about their journey. From only using orange texta’s to teaching Rachael about 1000’s of pecies of birds, hospital visits and beating her in the animal game.

We have been preparing but nothing could stop what was coming, I can’t describe the pain I saw in his face today, he was heartbroken, his tears flowed and his love for her was reciprocated. It was hard for her to say goodbye too. I am so thankful for everything that she has done and grateful for their relationship. I definitely didn’t say thank you enough. I am just as proud of Rachael’s growth as she is of Hemi’s and I am so happy for her as she enters a new chapter.

We will miss her in our lives every week without a doubt. Transitions are tricky, we will conquer that when the grief has passed.”


Thank you to Kylie and Hemi for sharing these incredible words and we wish Rachael all the best as she starts the next exciting chapter in her life and welcomes a new member into her family.


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