How Benj is travelling on


Mum, Kate, was somewhat anxious as it was time for Benj to make the big move from the Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre (ASELCC) to pre-primary.  An Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system had been developed and was helping him to understand and express his feelings. It was unknown as to whether Benj would be able to use those skills in the new environment.

Kate, reports to the other Kate (previously Benj’s Key Therapist at ASELCC):

When the bus arrived he stood on the front steps and waved at the driver and said “Hi”. He got on all by himself, was a little hesitant and a few little tears as he found a seat; but the driver confidently assured me he would be OK. Hopefully that was the hardest part, the first ride without mum.

How the following days progressed:

Last Friday he was working with his teacher in the sensory room when one of the other kids opened the cupboard where the toy vacuum cleaner is kept. He HATES this, and spent nearly two terms avoiding the sensory room last year for this reason. He became quite upset when the toy was brought out, and said to his teacher Kyra, “I sad, I sad”.  I literally cried when she told me. [Mum’s tears were due to Benj expressing himself appropriately using words learned with the help of the AAC].  Then as we were leaving he waved to her and said “Seeya!”

So all in all, a great start to the year, which has done wonders to alleviate my anxiety. Super proud of that little trooper!

You have been a massive part of that progress too, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us while at ASELCC, and continue to do now—even just words of encouragement and support. 

The good news continues:

Benj got his first merit certificate at the assembly last Friday. I was sooo proud of him, and yes, I cried. Super excellent week he had, and he absolutely loves the bus. We wait outside for it every morning and he gets so excited when he sees it coming up the road, he doesn’t even give me a backwards glance.

He also used the feelings board at school last week…he wanted the iPad when it wasn’t his turn, Kyra (his teacher) told him that it wasn’t time for the iPad yet—he needed to do another activity. He got a little upset and pointed to the angry face on the feelings board!

Hard work is paying off…

As always, our therapists share the joys and sorrows of the families and children who they come to know so well. Amongst therapist Kate’s many heartfelt responses:

You have prepared Benj so well for his transition…take a moment to acknowledge your hard work and celebrate the successes, big and small.

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