International Collaboration


We continued our collaboration with the Autism community in East Java, Indonesia this year as part of a Sister State initiative between Western Australia and East Java. Staff travelled to Surabaya to deliver an intensive week long Masterclass to 30 leaders from 5 regional governments in East Java. The Masterclass included: strategies to support children and adults with Autism; operational strategies to support service delivery in the community; working with stakeholders to effect positive change; school inclusion; Positive Behaviour Support; and working with families. The Masterclass also attracted interests from the other parts of Indonesia, including West Java, Jakarta and Denpasar.

In addition to the Masterclass, staff delivered a teacher and parent conference in collaboration with Airlanga University in Surabaya, East Java. The conference was well attended by 250 practitioners. Delegates to the conference were given the opportunity to learn about programs and resources to support children and adults with Autism. We also translated a range of teaching and information resources into Bahasa Indonesia for distribution across East Java.

Since the beginning of this initiative in 2011, there has been a significant transformation in Autism knowledge in the professional community in East Java. The 30 alumni who were trained by the Autism Association have now provided workshops to over 2,600 teachers across East Java in addition to providing ongoing consultancy.

The West Australian Government has continued to include the Autism Association in discussions on future Initiatives in East Java. The CEO was an invited guest at the Western Australia/East Java Sister State Stakeholder Joint Working Group Meeting. In addition, the Autism Association also hosted a visit from the Consul-General of Indonesia, the Assistant Governor of East Java and a delegation of senior officials  representing heads of key government departments.

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