James’ Film, TV and Acting Passion at Work

James Buckland Hullabaloo

32-year-old James, has had a passion for film, TV and acting since he was young. He tried, on numerous occasions, to get his foot into the small and competitive WA industry after graduation, but this was proving to be an uphill task.

Recently, James took on work experience and a traineeship as a production’s assistant at Hullabaloo Co., where he has enjoyed an incredibly supportive training and mentorship program.

“I am so happy and excited about finally doing more work in the career I want to spend the rest of my life doing,” said James.

His Manager, Fran, has provided James an environment that is creative and proactive, that supports an Autism-friendly work space: “James has been a welcome addition to Hullabaloo Co. and not just because he’s fun to be around, but because he’s brought valuable skills to our team.”

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