How Kaitlyn made KONTAKT!


Earlier this year Kaitlyn joined a KONTAKT group – a 16 week social skills program for teenagers on the Autism spectrum.   
Based on the Frankfurt Model, KONTAKT is a very structured program providing a focus on communication and social interaction. It is presented by the Autism Association in collaboration with Curtin University. An important part of participation is contributing to research to help further the development of training groups, enabling young people on the Autism spectrum to interact socially with ease.

Kaitlyn’s mum, Filipa, expressed appreciation for the program.

“I just wanted to write a short note to say thank-you for Kaitlyn’s inclusion in the KONTAKT trial. There were so many positive comments from the parents and children involved following the first session. So often our children are reluctant to begin or continue social interactions, I believe it is the nature of this program, in combination with the presenters, who have created such a welcoming atmosphere.

I was more than thrilled when on Saturday afternoon I overheard my daughter telling her sister that she ‘wished it was Wednesday’. She normally looks forward to her weekends and rarely welcomes activities with new people. I am more than thrilled that she has now found a place of social interaction that she looks forward to.

Again, thank you for her inclusion. I look forward to seeing her develop more confidence and skills regarding social interactions throughout the coming months”.

Kaitlyn’s group was facilitated by Jill, a coordinator for the Association’s Therapy and Clinical Services. Jill tells how, following a hesitant start, Kaitlyn soon began to show confidence and the group bonded quite quickly.  

Parents are also closely involved in the training program; both the teenager and the parent are provided with an activity book that provides details of each weekly session. Therefore every participant knows what’s on the agenda, on arrival, each week and will have completed a ‘mission’, standing them in good stead for the week ahead.

There are no costs for these groups.

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