Kaleb’s Come and Try Experience!




The cricket season is now underway but for many the cricket fun started weeks ago! Before the start of each cricket season, clubs and associations from all over WA host Come and Try days to allow children to give cricket a go and find the team that suits them best. Our Autism in Cricket team is dedicated to making cricket inclusive for everyone. This season we visited several Come and Try days in the Perth Metro area to support families with children who have Autism link in with their local club.

The Autism in Cricket team had the pleasure of meeting Kaleb at the Come and Try day in Melville at the start of this season. Kaleb was already attending our School Age Therapy program. However, he was interested in trying something new and ready to be a part of a team. With the support of his family and our team, Kaleb was excited and ready to join cricket for the 2020/21 season.

Kaleb’s mum, Nicole said that with a little bit of courage and support Kaleb had the best time and was eager to start playing for the Bateman cricket club.   

Kaleb has tried a few sports and he seemed to engage better in non-contact sports. He was very hesitant to go to the Come and Try day but with encouragement, he went. Kaleb has difficulties in team sports especially fast paced ones. He can struggle with instructions, focus and rules.

When we arrived (at the Come Try day) it was nice to be able to head straight to the Autism Associations stand. We met Wayne from the Autism Association who ran through the program with us. From there Kaleb and his stepdad went out and had a try. Kaleb was encouraged by everyone and enjoyed his time so much. Kaleb even had the opportunity to have photos with professional cricket players from the WACCA. It gave him a positive start which will set him up for his first day of the season.

Kaleb was very hesitant in going. At first, he sat to the side. It took some encouragement but once he was out playing and had the support, he participated and was so happy to be playing cricket. He had the biggest smile on his face and had the confidence to try both batting and bowling“. 

At the Bateman Come and try day, we supported Nicole to link up to Kaleb up to his local cricket club.

After registering my interest with Autism in Cricket Louise from the Autism Association contacted me and explained the process. After attending the come and try day, Sara from the Autism Association sent me an email with local cricket clubs in our area that we could register Kaleb at. Once we decided on a club it was a very easy process on the play cricket website to register. The support we have received has been amazing and we can’t wait for the season to start.”

For Kaleb, cricket means having fun. For Nicole, she hopes Kaleb will enjoy his season and become more confident in following instructions and rules. We can’t wait to see what the season ahead has in store for Kaleb!

You can find more information on the Autism in Cricket Program here:  https://www.autism.org.au/cricket/


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