Karina’s Story


Karina has had a hugely successful year. She lives in her own unit in Ellenbrook and one of her proudest achievements for the year has been her success in securing different volunteering opportunities. Karina enjoys being with people! She is full of personality and says that one of her favourite things is when she can get to help other people.

For a while she was helping elderly people to maintain their gardens. They looked forward to seeing Karina when she visited and really appreciated the work that she did in their gardens. Then, with the help of her support
workers, she managed to secure 2 more volunteer positions in local coffee shops. She spends her time helping to ensure the coffee shops are stocked up with valuable customer service items, such as napkins, cutlery, etc. This initiative has allowed Karina to be part of her community, meet new people and most of all, help others.

Karina currently receives support from our Community living service- Click here for more information.

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