Kookaburras visit Fire Heroes


After the Daglish Station Fire fighters tirelessly battled the Wundowie/ Wooroloo bushfires, saving countless lives, property, bush land, and wildlife, the First Steps Kookaburras wanted to do a little something to thank them for their incredible work! The next week the children popped by the station next door to thank them for their hard efforts with a small token of appreciation.  

The Association’s First Steps Kookaburra Social Group in Shenton Park, presented Senior Firefighter David Ellis and the team at Daglish Fire Station with a handmade card, to recognise their heroism, bravery and commitment.

During the visit the firies the children were full of joy as they were invited to look around the station and see the water hoses, ladders, and view from inside the fire truck. The trip was filled with excitement and the children were all eager to meet a real-life fire fighter. The memories of exploring the station will be cherished by them all and not forgotten. Their smiles say it all!

We are very appreciative of the Daglish Fire Station making this opportunity possible. An even bigger thank you to the Fire Fighters and all emergency service workers who keep our community safe.

You can see the local heroes in the news here.

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