Lachie’s Big Bash Beginnings

Kenwick Blasters (2)

For Lachie, cricket is a fun game he can play in the backyard at Nanna’s place with family and friends. Lachie is a big fan of all the Perth Scorchers players and watches them on the TV with his family.

Lachie had always been nervous about joining a sporting club due to his anxiety but after watching the Big Bash games with his dad, Lachie wanted to start playing cricket!  

Lachies family found out about the Autism in Cricket program when they attended the PlayCricket Carnival at the WACA last year. The Autism Association Come and Try day at the WACA was an opportunity for both Lachie and his parents to join in, allowing Lachie to feel more relaxed and try out cricket with other kids. The day was a hit and after a wonderful time practising his batting and bowling skills, he was eager to sign up and give it a go! 

After joining the Autism in Cricket program, Lachie joined the Kenwick Cricket Club. Cricket has given Lachie a great opportunity to mix with his peers in a social game. The best part about cricket for Lachie is bowling dad out and smashing 4’s and 6’s!

Lachies mum, Kelly said:

“It has been great to see Lachie joining in and having fun. . . We would recommend the Autism in Cricket Program because we could see how much fun Lachie was having and he especially liked the day at the WACA.

We at first did not have a cricket club in our area that supported the Autism in Cricket program but we joined up to the Kenwick Cricket Club who then joined the Autism in Cricket program with the help of Scott Henry.

Thanks to Scott’s help and the Kenwick Cricket Club welcoming Lachie I think he is keen for next season.”

Our Autism in Cricket program allows us to help kids like Lachie find an inclusive cricket club for them to join so that they can get involved in their local club, whether it is on or off the field. If your child would like to give cricket a go, you can receive more information on our Autism in Cricket program and register here!

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