Medicalert Brings Peace Of Mind To Families Of Those With Autism


MedicAlert is bringing peace of mind to the families of more than 114,000 Australians living with Autism thanks to a ‘Safe Return’ program designed specifically for those with the developmental disorder.

The program includes discounted membership and a choice of uniquely designed flexible wristbands or bracelets and ensures those with Autism and prone to wandering can be returned home safely with the assistance of MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response Service.

The service provides access to a secure member database from anywhere in the world, detailing the members care needs, photograph (for easy identification), personal communication instructions and details of previous medical episodes and wandering history.

For WA mother-of-two Julia Foxcroft, the program was just the incentive she needed to sign up her son Jacob to MedicAlert.

“As a parent we all have our own unique experiences of what it is like to have an Autistic child,” Julia said.

“For me, one of my biggest concerns is when people don’t quite understand Autism and if something were to happen or if Jacob were to react in a certain way – they may see that as strange.”

“As a mum of an Autistic child you have so many concerns, but MedicAlert membership can relieve some of those.”

Julia said she now feels reassured that should something happen to Jacob, or someone around him, first responders can immediately identify his needs by looking at his MedicAlert medical ID.

“MedicAlert stores all Jacob’s health information, including the things that might trigger and upset him – like loud noises from sirens or if someone is touching his ears or neck, in there, so they’re accessible for anyone who calls to enquire,” she said.

“These are little things to everyone else but to Jacob they could make an intense situation even worse!”

For Jacob, getting used to a new bracelet has been a simple process.

“We chose the silicone band and because it is soft and lightweight he forgets he is wearing it,” Julia said.

“He thinks of it as his button to push to activate lasers when fighting off the bad guys!”

MedicAlert Chief Executive Officer Heidi Jones said MedicAlert the medical IDs were the world’s most recognised. The Safe Return Program protects and would “be there with your loved ones when you can’t be”.

“It’s vital to take proactive steps to protect your loved ones – particularly those with health conditions – in times of need,” she said.

“MedicAlert medical IDs can communicate with first responders when others can’t and make sure those with health conditions like Autism get the appropriate care and are returned to their loved ones safely.”

The Safe Return program product range was developed following a pilot study by MedicAlert and Autism SA in 2016, where a group of participants trialed products and provided feedback in line with the needs of their condition, taking into account sensory requirements of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

For $80, the Safe Return Program provides participants with a one year MedicAlert membership, creation of an electronic health record and immediate access to the Emergency Response Service. They’ll also get to choose one of four MedicAlert Medical IDs and receive a membership card holder and free postage.

From the moment you join MedicAlert, you’re protected.

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