Monkey Mind Book for Children


We all have a little monkey that follows us through life. What does your monkey tell you? Does it say nice words to you? Does it make you feel like you can conquer the day? Or do you sometimes feel like that monkey can be a little bit harder to tame?


Piper wants to try lots of new things, but something always stops her – her monkey!  Some monkeys are playful. Some monkeys are fun. Not Piper’s monkey. 

Piper’s monkey is very, very, naughty. Everyone else can tame their monkeys. So why can’t Piper? 

Monkey Mind is a gentle story for children and adults about the worrying thoughts that cause anxiety.


Rebecca J Palmer, author of the children’s book Monkey Mind, and her daughter, Amber have created a beautiful book to start conversations between parents, teachers, and children about anxiety and how they can manage their worries.

Amber, Rebecca’s daughter, who accesses services with the Association, supported her mum through the visual literacy aspect of the book to ensure the message was clear.

Amber has amazing insights in to how each person can be helpful to someone who has anxiety:

“Just saying positive statements is not helpful as it makes a person fear failure more. It makes them feel as if they would be letting down themselves or others just because they didn’t do things perfectly because they were told that you can do it and still, they didn’t! Instead, it’s better to have a growth mindset and to accept that struggle and failure is a part of the learning process. Allowing oneself to forgive themselves for making mistakes and learning from them is in the long run far better than just believing you should succeed at everything on the first try.”

During Autism Awareness Month, our Shenton Park First Steps for Autism kids had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca and learning how to draw a monkey just like in the book!

I was invited by the Autism Association to present my book Monkey Mind to parents and children on their family fun day to celebrate Autism Awareness Month. I wrote and illustrated this book for families and mental health professionals who need a fun and engaging story that helps children talk about their fears and anxiety. It was wonderful meeting staff and children, and everyone even had a chance to draw monkey! Thanks to the Autism Association for the opportunity to ‘pay it forward!

The story of Monkey Mind is told through a little girl and her naughty monkey. The monkey symbolises the anxieties and worries that join us in life and how each person manages those thoughts along the way. The book demonstrates that it isn’t about distracting our internal worries and anxiety, it’s about being kind to it, after all anxiety is a part of being human. Ultimately, being gentler on our anxiety means we are being kinder to ourselves.

You can be instantly drawn to the book by its beautiful illustrations and the small symbolic details throughout the book. You’ll notice the expressive font throughout the book which captures the feeling of worry in a visual format, encouraging the reader to understand what those feelings may be.

The thought-provoking story teaches us that we all have worries throughout our lives, this is something we can’t change. However, the way we can tame those naughty monkeys is to learn to be kinder to them and ourselves!

Rebecca’s is a graphic designer/ illustrator and primary school teacher, if you check out her website you’ll notice she has a variety of free teaching notes and learning resources for different subjects, from art to maths, each activity is based on the book.

If you would like to grab your own monkey mind book, you can purchase from Booktopia, Angus & Robertson, and Amazon,. You may also see them pop up around our centres!

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