Monster Smiles visit First Steps Playgroup

Monster Smiles

Our First Steps children have been enjoying a great night’s rest on their soft, colourful and fun Monster Smiles pillowcases! 

Joe, who at only age 13 runs Monster Smiles, is on a mission to act as a role model, inspire acts of kindness, create smiles and raise awareness of Crohn’s Disease. After lengthy stays in hospital because of his own experiences with Chron’s Disease, Joe created pillowcases with big monstrous smiles on them! He has been using them to inspire smiles and positivity for people staying in hospital or make nights at home more fun and comfortable ever since.

Joe donated 60 pillowcases to the children in our First Steps Playgroups, as well as thousands of pillowcases that have gone to people in hospitals and children with medical conditions and disabilities around Australia.

The pillowcases brought ‘monstrous’ smiles and excitement to the children’s faces. Pointing out the friendly monsters was also a fun way to support them in developing their communication skills!

A huge thank you to Joe from Monster Smiles for spreading joy to our families! If you want a pillowcase of your own and to support his amazing cause, you can check them out here.

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