MyTime Saved me this Year

Colleen Price

Colleen Price (pictured above with her family), who moved to Perth from Melbourne this year, had this to say about our MyTime Group and Peggy:

“I attend Mytime on Monday’s in Joondalup and on Thursday in Floreat with the sweetheart Peggy. We moved to Perth earlier this year from Melbourne and I very quickly felt very isolated with my then 2.5 year old son and 6 month old daughter. My son (who was just assessed at AA on Tuesday) is unpredictable and can be aggressive with other children which makes it very hard to go to social settings with the two children. It has become even more challenging as my daughter as gotten older, and is now on the go herself. After a few embarrassing incidences with other children and feeling exhausted for always having to apologise, I started to withdrawal from playgroups etc for my own mental health. My husband was travelling interstate and overseas for the first few months after our move, and I was very close to having a breakdown after suffering anxiety attacks due to all the stress of our son. Once I found a developmental paed who would take us on, I happened to see a flyer about Mytime in her clinic. Once I got the courage up to attend the Joondalup session ( I was apprehensive initially with no diagnosis) I instantly felt at ease by Peggy and her nurturing, kind nature. She is like a Mumma bear to all us Mum’s and just has a beautiful soul. She knows when we need a laugh and for when we need a hug. I asked her if she did any other groups, and that is why we also attend Floreat.  Honestly Mytime saved me this year! It has given me purpose back to my week, both my kids love “playgroup” as I call it and they love the play leaders dearly. I have even organised our daycare and therapy days around MyTime so I can always attend at least one my daughter, if not with both children. I cannot thank everyone enough that is involved with running the mytime groups. My husband attends the Joondalup group with Ben and has also had a great experience – it also means I get a little breather on a Saturday morning”

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