Music, Spaceships and Rockets are Oisins Favourite Things!


Oisin is a creative little boy who loves constructing things. He has a passion for music and has taught himself Twinkle, Twinkle on the piano. He loves spacecrafts and rocket ships, and you will often find messages to be decoded from objects and food left in his midst. Originally from Ireland, Oisins family had considered moving back home but with currently 500 children on a three-year waitlist, support for individuals with Autism was a concern for the family. Prior to starting at our Early Intervention program, Oisins speech was very limited. He said few words when he was little and then was mute for a long time.


Louise said, “We were in a place where we couldn’t have anyone over the house not even the Internet man. We couldn’t go to the supermarket or for a drive without Oisin experiencing a meltdown.

When we look back on how things were for our family before Oisin joined the Early Intervention program, the transition is huge! Once upon a time if we went to a restaurant and the waiter/waitress approached, Oisin would hide under the table. He now insists on ordering himself. Day-to-day the transition is slow but looking back in the last two years, the change is huge.”

Oisin is now able to express his feelings and communicate his needs. “When his key therapist and therapy assistants ask how he is feeling when he doesn’t know the answer, he is able to say that he is ‘embarrassed’. Oisin doesn’t like the happy birthday song, with preparation prior to going to birthdays, Oisin now insists on staying longer but will communicate that he needs to remove himself from a situation for some ‘chill time’.

Oisins Key Therapist are always there for us. His key therapist and teacher are our main support system. We don’t have immediate or close family in Perth, they have been there every step of the way. From the moment we started, if we needed anyone, they never turned us way. When you don’t have family here, that is everything and they have become our family.

Oisins experience at the Early Intervention program has inspired us to drive change in Ireland. I have reached out to Ministers and Journalists. I want to drive for more support for individuals with Autism in my home country. We hope to one day be able to move to Ireland and develop an Early Intervention Centre for Oisin and other families who need the support that we have found so valuable.”


We love hearing from our families and hearing their stories. Thank you to Oisin and his parents, Louise and Mick, for sharing this story and being a part of our Early Intervention family!

If your child has been diagnosed with Autism and is below year two at school, you can speak to our Autism Advisors about joining your child with our Early Intervention program. If you would like more information on how our Early Intervention program can help your child, click here to find out more or contact us on (08) 9489 8900.

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