Racing in Red for these Lucky Bike Nominees


They say that red makes you go faster! Well for these 4 bike nominees, recently they zoomed around the WACA ground on their new red bikes that were built and given to them by the WA Women’s Cricket team.


Total Team Building offer fun and engaging exercises for corporate events, sporting teams, and schools to help enhance team cohesion and get everyone working together. As part of a team building exercise hosted by Total Team Building, the worked together to build these 4 bikes! After putting them together as a team, they chose to donate the bikes to 4 children who receive services from the Autism Association.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Eli, James, Finlay, and Corey names were put forward by their Therapist to be nominated to receive a bike. As each excitedly waited for the WA Women’s Cricket team to finish putting the finishing touches on the bikes, some of them mentioned that this was their first time learning how to ride a bike and couldn’t wait to learn from the cricket pro’s!


Once the bikes were completed Mat Johnson, Manager of the School Age Therapy Services said a few words on how much it means not only to the Autism Association, but also for the families to have these bikes provided by the WA Women’s Cricket team

When everyone was ready to go, the team split up to give each Eli, James, Finlay, and Corey, their new bikes and help them to learn how to ride them. For some of the children, this was a chance for them to learn how to ride the first time, but the nerves wore off quickly as they gained confidence with the support of the team. They each loved it so much, we couldn’t get them to stop once they started

It was heart-warming to watch each of the boys with a smile from ear-to-ear as they took their new bikes for a spin around the WACA. A big thank you to the WA Women’s Cricket team for supporting each boy to ride and for bringing them so much joy and laughter! And a big thank you to Total Team Building for organising the activity and the donation. We can’t wait to see updates on Eli, James, Finlay, and Corey’s bike adventures!




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