School Holiday Fun at Sports Academy!


School holidays are all about getting out outdoors, having fun with your friends and learning new hobbies! Throughout the January school holidays, our Sports Academy participants did just that. The group of children from years 4-6 were able to try out a range of sports at Newman College with the support of specialist coaches and our Therapists at the Autism Association.  

From learning to hit 6’s in cricket; kicking goals in soccer; scoring a few trys in touch football; and getting some great marks in AFL, the 2 days were jam packed with a whole lot of fun! It was an opportunity for each participant to also meet new friends, learn to work in a team and build their confidence in a comfortable and supported environment.  

To ensure each child has fun and gets the most out of the Program, we teamed up with these local community sport coaches:   

 The coaches were also able to help each child and their family link up with their local community club which they could then go on to become a part of an inclusive club and continue to grow their skills within that sport.  

 Program Leader Courtney Graham said, “Sports Academy is a great Program to try out sport in a safe environment where they are able to receive that one-on-one support from specialist inclusive coaches. The coaches who are a part of the Program are also there to help each child figure out what they like and link them in with that community sport once the week is over.”  


“This was the first Sports Academy my 13 year old son has attended. Chase is more comfortable with individual sport, because working with teammates can be stressful for him so this was a chance for him to learn some skills interacting in a team environment.”  

Chase’s Mum – Deborah 

Sports Academy is not just about trying out a new sport, participants also bond with each other, finding a common interest and often go on to become friends.  

“it’s a really fun few days for both the kids and us! It’s a great feeling to see the kids not only find love for a new sport but seeing them build meaningful friendships with other participants that continue beyond the week means so much to us!” – Courtney  

“He loved the variety of sports played and for him it’s about personally helping peers where sport is not their strength. Chase was very positive about his first experience and is looking forward to joining Term 2 group. Thank you to the Therapists at the Autism Association for your enthusiasm and making this such a fun experience for my son.” – Deborah  

Thank you to everyone who took part in Sports Academy over the summer break, we look forward to seeing families come back and continue trying out a range of sports as well as getting to meet some new families!  

If these sports have sparked an interest for you, you can find more information on what Sports Academy has to offer and express your interest for the next one by speaking to your Therapist.

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