Sensitive Santa 2019


Our Sensitive Santa sessions remained as popular as ever this year and we had almost 250 families attend or express interest in attending; many of whom have attended every year since the sessions have been run.

Fortunately over the years we have developed strong relationships with the shopping centres and have been able to negotiate longer times, and additional sessions based on need.

Some of the feedback we received from families includes:

  • [My child] is sound sensitive and easily overwhelmed. However last year with you guys and Santa was a very positive experience!
  • “Thank you so much for offering this! [My child] still talks about meeting Santa at this session last year.”
  • “I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the other’s that have helped organise the Sensitive Santa. We were lucky enough to get a cancellation spot at Cockburn a couple weekends ago, it was wonderful! My 2 children absolutely loved it, [my son] whom is Autistic enjoyed the whole experience without a single meltdown or getting overwhelmed, he was comfortable and even engaged with Santa. I haven’t been able to take him into a shop for quite some time as it always ends bad. It was just so incredibly nice to enjoy this peaceful moment with my family. So a huge thank you!”

This year we were asked to do a radio segment with ABC radio on these sessions:

Thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful initiative! 

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