Sensory DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

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There’s no better way to say ‘Mummy, I love you!’ than with a heartfelt homemade gift. With Mother’s Day just around the corner we’ve put together some DIY ideas to turn that living room into a royal home to celebrate your beautiful mums and mother figures this year.

  • Bubble Bath

We love this sensory foam using just a dish soap, water and a blender or food processor. You can see the recipe by Hands on As We Grow – it’s a great way to get the whole family involved!

  •  Personalised Body Scrub

Let’s get scrubbing! A shower sugar scrub is a fun way to get creative for mum or with mum while also achieving super smooth skin. Newy with Kids have provided a royal spa home treatment idea for mums who are keen on getting that glowing skin. All you need for this sweet smelly sugar scrub is some raw/white sugar; olive oil; food colouring; some drops of essential oil of your choice; a re-purposed glass jar; and paper, texters and ribbon for decoration. If you have some spare time, you can definitely throw in DIY relaxing bath salts – there are same great ideas here.

There are also some Easy DIY Body Scrub ideas that you can try here. These scrubs are set to be useful for mothers who are eager to keep their skin smooth and hydrated. You can try a soothing scrub that is rich in antioxidants and is ultra-nourishing; or the sensitive skin scrub that is set to repair skin tissue and prevent against UV damage; a nourishing scrub is set to tighten the skin and help fight anti-aging effects. There are other scrub options to help fill mum’s scrub-pantry for the year.

If your mum isn’t one for a pamper session, there are a range of other activities you can try including;

  • Exploring the outdoors

If mum enjoys outdoor activities, you might like to set up a sensory motor scavenger hunt as the one below.  You can complete this with mum, and finish off the quest with a picnic arrangement that includes mum’s favourite picnic food.

Credit: The Inspired Treehouse

  • Mini Mummy Pizza

We believe that one of the surest ways to Mum’s heart is through a warm Mini Mummy Pizza. Accessible Chef have outlined the easiest step by step process to making this heart-warming pizza with both you and your mums favourite ingredients. Check out the recipe here and pick your toppings.

  • Build a Baby Toddler Tunnel

The folks at Toddler Approved are onto something with this simple yet brilliant idea to attach ribbons of varying lengths, widths and textures to an old box and letting your little one crawl in and out, feel the ribbons passing over their body, drag the box around, and play peek-a-boo with it. This creation can be left out and re-used or re-purposed, given its extra longevity and entertainment values.

Image Credit: Toddler Approved

  • Make a Mummy Love Jar

Finish off any of the above activities with a Mummy love jar present, filled with personal handwritten love notes to Mum. All you need, according to HugsforKids,  is a coloured paper and a re-purpose jar that can be decorated to appreciate mum’s presence and love. We believe that this is a sure way of keeping mum smiling for days to come!

Credit: Hugs for Kids


We can’t wait to see how you spoil your loved ones this Mother’s Day.

If you set up some pampering be sure to send us some snaps by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see what you get up to!

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