Shivani’s Show Stopping Fundraiser


Shivani might only be 10 years old, but she is a talented young girl with a big heart! From a young age Shivani has painted 25 pieces of art. From sunflowers to angels, her artwork is a great representation of her warm bubbly personality. After learning that one of her peers at school has Autism, Shivani decided to show her support for her peer by using her artwork to create an exhibition in her community in Gosnell’s where they hosted a silent auction. Her mother, Shyma thought it was a great idea and helped Shivani to plan a fundraising event.

The free exhibition allowed members of the community to come and admire each of Shivani’s paintings while learning about Autism. Shivani and her family also went the extra mile to provide nibbles, refreshments, and face painting for the community to enjoy. Members of the community showed their kind generosity and support by making donations throughout the day and exceeded all expectations. Shivani showcased 25 pieces of her artwork at the Kenwick Community Centre and raised $2600 overall for the Autism Association!  

“We organised free snacks and drinks for the people. Face painting balloon twisting stations, as we would know that it would entertain the young children. We set up a candy bar, so the kids can snack on while playing. My mum wants the kids to enjoy the day rather than just coming for my painting exhibition. We organised raffle ticket draw: there was first, second, and third prizes. All the stuff that was put in the hamper was also donated from my mum’s workplace and our close friends”

One of our Occupational Therapists, Hollie, attended the event to support Shivani’s mission to increase the acceptance of Autism by talking to the guests about the strengths and characteristics individuals with Autism have. Throughout the event Hollie focused on sharing the importance of accepting Autism in the community by suggesting strategies on how the community can enhance inclusivity.

I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at Shivani Panneri’s painting fundraiser for the Association. The Panneri’s are a gorgeous family, who were generous enough to create this event. The family clearly have the same wonderful impact on their community, as the hall was full of people coming to support the cause”

Over 200 members of the community attended the event including state and local government representatives such as the mayor of Gosnell’s, David Goode and Shavanas Peter, Councillor for Armadale.

We did not expect this many people, most of them stayed till the event finished. I feel like through this event we brought the community together.

Hollie added, “In attendance was Mr David Goode, the Mayor of Gosnells, and Shavanas Peter, Councillor for Armadale, who both spoke of the generosity of talent the Panneri’s displayed, and their personal connections to the family and with Autism.”

The event was hugely successful and has given Shivani the motivation to host more fundraising events in the future.

“My favourite part of the day was when the winners of the auction announced as it was exciting to know how much we raised for one painting and who won. I also liked when all my artwork was displayed as I made me feel proud to see my hard work paid off. Some of my paintings took 2-3 hours to finish.

I started painting when I was 7. On my birthday my mum bought me a pack of canvases, paints, and brushes so then I tried canvas or proper painting for the first time. My favourite paintings are a moonlight tree, a poppy field, and a large sunflower as I like how they turned out to be and how they tend to catch people’s eye more than the other paintings.”

We had the opportunity to catch up with Shivani, Shyma and her family. Our Executive of Business Operations, Paul Baird, presented her with a certificate for her extraordinary efforts to fundraise for the Autism Association and Shivani presented us with a cheque from her fundraising. Meeting the Paneeri family gave us the chance to thank them for their large contribution to making an impact on individuals with Autism.


Not only should the tremendous efforts of Shivanis fundraising be celebrated but her kindness and drive to positively impact her community at a such a young age.

In Shivanis own words: “We are all different, all unique, find the wings to fly”  

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