Siahn Fulfills her Dream of Having her Hair Done in a Salon


Siahn is 19 years old and, like most 19 year old girls, loves to be pampered and have her hair cut and styled. Unfortunately,  Siahn, who has Autism, lives in Cloverdale and is supported by the Autism Association’s Shared Living team, has never been able to visit the hairdresser. Instead, her Mum would cut her hair at home.

In recent weeks, Siahn’s support workers and her Mum have been helping Siahn to fulfill her dream of having her hair done in a salon. They have used social stories to help her understand what would happen during the visit and have visited the salon to explain some of the modifications that Siahn would need to have in place in order to have a successful visit. The hairdresser was fantastic and so keen to help!  In fact, she offered to close the salon for Siahn’s first visit to maximise the chance of success.

Last week, Siahn eventually visited the local hair salon where she enjoyed the whole experience of sitting in the chair and having her hair cut and styled by a trendy young hairdresser.

This is a milestone for Siahn, who is now looking forward to getting to know her hairdresser even more when she visits the salon on a regular basis. Siahn and her Mum are so grateful to everyone who has helped her to achieve this goal. 

Thank you everyone, and well done Siahn!!

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