Specialist Autism day care brings great happiness to 3 year old Charlotte


Charlotte, aged 3 years is one of the many much loved children who attend the First Steps for Autism Specialist Day Care Centre (ASELCC) in Bedford. Charlotte’s mum Sarah summed up her experience to staff:

“I can’t believe how much her Educators have taught her in such a short space of time. She’s gone from being almost completely non-verbal to now saying a good 30 words, along with three key word signs, in three short months. The Educators are so clued on and so good at teaching the little ones. The program and the activities they do every day are absolutely perfect—from exploring foods they would not otherwise have touched, to sensory play and working on goals.”

The specialist long day care program is integrated into a mainstream childcare centre at Mercy Care Bedford. Specialist educators, speech pathologists and occupational therapists deliver a specialist program that is incorporated with the national educational curriculum. This fantastic program provides specialist long day care to children (aged 2-6 years) who are going through the diagnostic process for autism or who have been recently diagnosed. 

“We all feel this has been the best decision we’ve made for Charlotte in her Early Intervention journey and only wish that we had known about it earlier.” Sarah

*Please note: a stock image was used for this article to respect the family’s privacy.

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