Celebrate Speech Pathology week with us!

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The 22nd to the 28th of August was Speech Pathology Week. Throughout the week, our team of Speechies hosted a range of events that celebrated communication and promoted awareness of this year’s theme:

Communication is Everyone’s Right!

Empowering others to communicate and the ability of expressing themselves is basic human right. Speech Pathologists play a crucial role in enabling people with Autism who have communication challenges to realise their communication rights and potential.

We are proud to represent the profession in the workplace, and we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of people with Autism and supporting them to communicate. During the week, some of our Therapists held activities to celebrate the theme such as ordering cupcakes with a communications device and sharing fun facts about some of our very own Speech Pathologists.


One in Seven Australians with communication disability needs formal assistance with communication


What is a speech pathologist?

Speech Pathologists play a crucial role in supporting individuals who face challenges with communication. 

Speech Pathologists’ study, diagnose and treat communication disorders, including difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice. People who experience difficulties swallowing food and drink safely can also be helped by a Speech Pathologist. In fact, that’s what our TASTEE(The Autism Specific Team for Everything to do with Eating) Team do!

Our TASTEE Team support with creating successful mealtimes for individuals with Autism. You can check out the workshops here.

Without further ado, here’s what we got up to!


Speech Pathology – Book Week

A young boy dressed up as a character from Where's Wally with his Therapy Assistant smiling at the camera

It was all things Speechie related, and what a great way to celebrate this by combining it with Book Week! With both Book Week and Speech Pathology week falling at the same time, books are a really fun way to get children excited about communication and are a wonderful tool we use in our Early Intervention groups to promote language development. During Book Week, every child gets the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book character and so does our Early Intervention Team – which characters do you recognise?

A group of Speech Pathologist posing for a photo as characters from their favourite book A group of Speech Pathologist dressed up as their favourite book character


Communications Tools Demonstration

There’s no better way to experience an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), than in action. Our team of Speechies invited the rest of the Association to join in morning tea where they could order a cupcake using AAC supports and demonstrated some of the different technologies and methods that they use. See them in action below!

A man trying to order food using a digital communication device A group of Speech Pathologist showing digital and traditional communication device


Meet some of our sensational Speech Pathologists!

We chatted to our team of Speechies and asked them to share a little bit about themselves. Meet them below:

Meet Jacinta

Senior Speech Pathologist

Jacinta works in Early Invention as a Senior Speech Pathologist and has never in her life broken a bone. Jas has a staffy cross Chihuahua puppy and although her heritage is Anglo Indian and Chinese-Malay, she hasn’t been able to pick up any of the lingo and can only speak English. Jacinta adores the wonderfully unique children that she works with and the dedicated families that she supports.


Meet Emily

Speech Pathologist

Emily lived in India for a year on a budget of $12 a day and can’t wait to go back one day! She works as a Speech Pathologist in the Shared Living and Adult Community Team and loves working with the people within this team and the individuals she supports. She finds them inspiring and says that everyday there is something new to look forward to.


Meet Catherine

Senior Speech Pathologist

Catherine works in the School Age Therapy Team as a Senior Speech Pathologist and is also a member of the TASTEE Team. Catherine has a chocolate Labrador dog and with her passion for travelling temporarily on hold, she can be found at the beach carving up the surf and catching waves.

Luckily there aren’t too many spiders at the beach as once she was bitten by a red back. Catherine loves working at the Autism Association as she loves interacting with people and getting to know every person she works with and the way they see the world. She is grateful to be able to immerse herself into their lives, make them smile and help them work towards what they what to achieve.


Meet Elizabeth

Senior Speech Pathologist | TASTEE Team

Elizabeth has an Associate Diploma in Drama and Performance and used to teach drama to school children! She now works in the School Age Therapy Team as a Senior Speech Pathologist and the TASTEE Team for all ages.

She strongly admires the strength, outlook, wisdom and uniqueness of the individuals she supports and their families. She also loves how her role allows her to constantly learn new things.



We love sharing information and creating greater understanding of mealtimes and communication. View more TASTEE fun facts on our Instagram account to get you thinking!

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What can we say? Speech Pathology Week was a blast! How did you celebrate? For more resources, visit here.

Are you a Speech Pathologist who’s ready to join our Team and be inspired every day? Head here.

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