Taylor’s Move to Greater Independence


Taylor has been supported through the Autism Association’s Shared Living service for over seven years.
During this time, with guidance, he has become much more independent leading to a desire for even greater independence. It was Taylor’s decision—he should be living in a place on his own.
The move took place during the first week of July. Taylor now lives in his own unit with a few hours of support each day instead of with a carer, as in the past, 24 hour support daily—seven days a week. The support he now receives can be flexible. Recently, the Association was able to meet Taylor’s request for a change to his support hours so as not to overlap with his morning routines. Like Taylor, many of us value some semblance of routine for a smooth start to the day. It was a wise request on his part.

Happy Home!
Taylor loves his new home! During the first few weeks he was busy buying needed items and moving furniture around to his liking. He’s truly making it a home of his own. Friends are invited and shown around with pride. Taylor is now looking forward to advancing his cooking skills and having Mum over to stay—in his own pad. Staff report: “You can’t wipe the smile off his face!”

Here’s what Taylor’s Mum had to say about the move:
“Thank you everyone for being so supportive of Taylor in his move to independent living. I know it means a lot to him; and to me, too.
After nearly eight years you have been more than a parent could ask for. Your support and love for Taylor has been without a doubt the most influential thing in his life – helping him grow and learn so he can take the next step to independent living. I always felt you had Taylor’s well-being in mind.
Even though it’s a job, you always went a step further to show unconditional love just as a natural family would. What a great gift.”

If you would like to learn more about the Autism Association’s support to live in a home of your own, go to: https://www.autism.org.au/our-services/adults/a-home-of-your-own/

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