About Terri – A Driving Force with Fundraising


“We couldn’t do the job without her”

Many of our long-standing regular donors who make their donations by phone will be familiar with Rosemary. They might have chatted with Rosemary—a key staff member with fundraising—over a number of years. But people might not be aware of another valued member of the fundraising team, Terri, who works diligently behind the scenes. As with all of her work, Terri pays close attention to detail as she packs the envelopes ensuring the address is always in full view. She draws attention to any errors she sees along the way and keeps an eye on stock levels of paper, envelopes and brochures, advising Rosemary when stocks are running low. Fortunately, Terri values her work as much as we value her. When asked if she would like to write about her work—what she liked and didn’t like—the response was “there’s nothing I don’t like”. She wrote the following:

I have worked with this company, Autism Association of WA, for nearly twenty six years. I enjoy the fundraising work a lot. I get to tell many people and my friends all about the work that I really enjoy the most in my work life there. The people there are very helpful and assisting to me from when I first joined in helping with the fundraising and the donation mailing work that Rosemary gives me to do. I listen to my favourite songs when I’m working, that helps the day go much quicker. I’ve known of Rosemary since 1988, that’s thirty year ago. Rosemary has been very understanding to me all the years that I have worked there.

Terri’s kind, friendly nature shines through every day that she is in the office. And the value of her work must never be underestimated. Terri’s role in managing the correspondence is a vital element of our fundraising efforts. Our donors learn how the Autism Association of WA provides services to families, as well as to the children and adults with Autism. They receive thanks for their generous donations and many of those people continue to support the Association’s work over the years. Rosemary summed up Terri’s contribution: “We couldn’t do the job without her”.

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