The Devine Puzzle Challenge


While they’re geared up and ready to take on this cricket season, the Perth Scorchers have brought back their charity challenge! This year the Autism Association was honored to be picked as the chosen charity by the women’s team captain, Sophie Devine.

This year the Autism Association is proud to be named as a WA Cricket Foundation Charity Partner. This is a significant contribution to not only helping individuals live their best life possible but also supporting the Autism in Cricket Program to get more individuals involved in the game, breaking down barriers and working towards inclusion in sport for all!  

As part of the charity challenge, Sophie put the call out to her fellow oppositions to complete the puzzle challenge and beat her record time over social media. She set the bar high by completing the jigsaw puzzle under the time of 2 minutes and 7 seconds. If Sophie’s chosen challengers completed the puzzle under this time, they got to choose the charity they would like to donate to, if not, the donations went to the Autism Association. While the Puzzle challenge is a fun game for the competitive sportswomen, the completion of the puzzle is also a representation of the continued research in piecing together a greater understanding of Autism to provide better support for those on the spectrum. The puzzle is also a symbol for connecting the pieces that make a diverse and inclusive community.

In her puzzle challenge announcement Sophie said, “We’re really excited to announce that we’re going to be partnering with the Autism Associaiton who have done some unbelievable work alongside the WA cricket foundation.

Sophie chose the A-Z Mindful Me Jijsaw Puzzle, a puzzle that helps discover mindful mantras and helps set a mindful focus for the day.

“I’m going to complete this jigsaw as fast as I can, I’m going to time. I’m then going to challenge the opposition to beat my time. If you can beat my time, I’m going to donate $100 to your chosen charity. If not my $100 goes to the Autism Associaiton of WA.”

Check out the cricket legends below who participated and donated – a HUGE thank you to them all!


The Autism in Cricket Team recently had the opportunity to thank Sophie in person for her phenomenal fundraising efforts before the Scorchers match against the Hobart Hurricanes. The Team got to catch up with Sophie and have a chat about what the Autism in Cricket Program has been accomplishing and its plans for this season. Watching the Scorchers take out the Hobart Hurricanes by 5 wickets was just the cherry on top of the continued work they do to help pave the way for inclusion in the community.

Thank you to Sophie, the Perth Scorchers and the WACA for choosing the Autism Association for the Puzzle Challenge and as a charity partner for this season, we can’t wait to see you whack the rest of your challengers out of the park with your puzzle time to beat.

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