‘This is the thingy made out of the thingy for the thinga-ma-jig’

Steed 3

‘This is the thingy made out of the thingy for the thinga-ma-jig’ – is Steed’s personal description for his awesome Lego-technic project.

While Steed has an amazingly laid-back and unique sense of humour, his focus and precision is what helped him accomplish this Lego-technique project for inclusion in a Lego showcase. Steed lead the way in a team effort to get this incredible project completed. It took over 9 weeks and required following more than 500 pages of instructions (that’s right, FIVE HUNDRED!), but he singlehandedly completed this project. He even chose to head to school on the weekend to bring it all together!

Steed’s mum, Nikki said “his teachers cannot speak more highly of his work ethic and determination…and his cheeky and slightly irreverent humour”.

Steed’s incredible work ethic and determination shows what is possible when you set your mind to it! To truly appreciate the unbelievable amounts of effort and commitment Steed has devoted to this project be sure to watch the video below!


Well done Steed, you’re a Lego master! You can see some pictures of Steed in action developing this masterpiece below. 


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