Tim’s Dedication to Protect


When Tim comes to work, he loves his job, and they love having him as part of the team! After a journey of hard work and determination, he is now proudly working in a job he is passionate about and loves going to each day.

Tim is very independent and motivated and after being unsure of the career pathway he wanted to take, he decided to take control of his future and study to become a security guard. He believes it is important to “follow your goals, keep on learning and making a commitment”.

Tim enjoyed studying, worked hard to complete his units and successfully paved his way to passing his security exam! He chose this pathway as its important to him to protect places, people and care for the safety, health, and wellbeing of the community.

He now works for 2 different security companies, one of these being Vault Security. Tim is valued member of the team and never fails to put a smile on everyone’s faces when he comes into the Vault office.

“I’m a committed and on the go person. Committed to every job, putting my skills to the test”.

We can’t wait to see more of Tim’s career journey in the future.

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